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Taking a complete household inventory is a wise move. Imagine if there was a flood, a fire of if your house was burgled – would you really remember every single item that was lost? Would you remember the purchase price, warranties, brands, models and serial numbers? Probably not. But with the help of Everything I Own!, you can make a personal property inventory list that keeps track of every item in your home or collection. This could prove invaluable if you ever have to worry about insurance claims and replacement costs.

Everything I Own! lets you include all these details in your home inventory:

  • The name of each item
  • The brand
  • The model
  • The serial numbers
  • Its type
  • The purchase date
  • The location in your home
  • And any additional information that you'd like to include.

In short, this program could end up saving you a fortune - and it only costs $19.95!



Try Everything I Own! - free for 30 days! Try Everything I Own! - free for 30 days!
Click here for to try our free 30 day trial!

Buy Everything I Own for only $19.95! Buy Everything I Own for only $19.95!
Click here to buy a fully licensed copy!

Should you ever need any information about your home inventory, Everything I Own will let you view and print either specific single item reports, or the entire database. You can also sort and filter data, both on the screen and in all the reports.

Because of the nature of the product, Everything I Own! also contains built-in easy to use backup and restore features, and thus offers complete security and peace of mind. It’s also very quick and simple to use – the Quick Start menu should help you have this home inventory software up and running in mere minutes.

There is also an Online Help file that will help you with any queries you might have, and the software’s message boxes will explain exactly how to go about taking a complete household inventory. As you can see below, the interface is also very intuitive.


Home Inventory Software- click for full-size screenshot!

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How to Use Everything I Own – the quick and easy way to keep a complete home inventory:
1) Enter item information such as Brand Name, Type of Item and Location.
2) Add purchase and warranty information.
3) Enter condition information from a list of pre-defined values, and enter the replacement cost.
4) Add any comments you might want to make about the item.
5) At this point, you can add a picture of the item.

When finished, click the OK button with your mouse. You've just finished entering your first record!


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